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When you live at the top of the world it can be difficult to keep litter in check. Our Land is an annual clean up extravaganza designed to unite and motivate the community of Barrow, Alaska, and others across the North-Slope, to rid their villages of trash during the snow-free months of summer. The program asks local entities to host clean up events — provide food, clean up supplies, and giveaways — in order to help create fun and inviting environments for the community to join.


2015 & 2016


Student Graphic Designer/Freelance—University of Alaska Fairbanks, Freshman

The Project's

Conclusion and Personal Thoughts.

The label is removable with a colorful infographic on the inside, which can then be easily folded and recycled. The bottles can be cleaned and reused or returned and refilled. The new packaging helps elevate the product and be even more eco-friendly.

A Movement that

Gets People to Want to Pick Up Litter.

Pure Eire Dairy is a small dairy farm in Washington that provides fresh, minimally processed milk from their 100% grass-fed Jersey cow herd. Their current packaging are plastic gallon cartons with a basic milk label slapped on it. The packaging does not fit with their rich, creamy dairy products and are in much need of a redesign.

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