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Type: Product/Packaging Design

Role: Student—Cornish College of the Arts, Junior

Timeline: 5 Weeks

Udderly Delicious is a redesign of a small Washington dairy farm's milk packaging that aims to  help better represent their rich and creamy products, as well as their dedication to the overall process and handling of their dairy. This project was an assignment for my Product and Packaging course at Cornish College of the Arts, students were allowed to choose their own packaging project.





Product Research






Exacto Knife

Pure Éire— Milk Bottle Packaging & Labeling.

Pure Éire Dairy is a small dairy farm in Washington that provides fresh, minimally processed milk from their 100% grass-fed Jersey cow herd. Their current packaging is plastic gallon cartons with a basic milk label slapped on it. The packaging does not fit with their rich, creamy dairy products and are in much need of a redesign.

Elevating the Packaging to fit the product.

For my redesign, I chose to use glass milk bottles instead of plastic jugs in order to prevent the plastic from tainting the product. The glass bottles also help to improve the experience and give a more high-quality appeal. White silicon stoppers were chosen to seal the bottle to help guarantee freshness and to complete the aesthetic. Sticker seals were then added to help secure the stoppers and to prevent any tampering of the product prior to purchase.

Easy to Dispose.

Easy to Reuse.

Easy to Refill.

The new labeling is removable and contains a colorful infographic on the inside, which can then be easily folded, secured using the sticker sealer, and recycled. The reusable bottles can then be easily cleaned, returned and refilled. The new packaging helps to elevate the product and makes it eco-friendly.


The Udderly


To help garner the connection between customers and Pure Éire Dairy, I designed a series of swag items for the new Udderly Delicious branding. The items sport the same designs as the packaging, in order to increase brand awareness, while also advertising to new buyers.

The Project's

Conclusion and Personal Thoughts.

The Pure Éire packaging was incredibly enjoyable to work on and allowed me to think more deeply about dielines and how the label graphics interact with the bottle. My favorite features have to be the barcode and the dotted cow in the infographic. One fun fact is that the branding "Udderly Delicious" was meant to be a placeholder title originally, but my professor enjoyed it so much she recommended that I use it as the product's name.

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