Digital/Print Magazine Concept

Student—Cornish College of the Arts.

Timeline: 10 Weeks

EaseOut, aims to celebrate and guide recently “out” and experienced gays as they learn more about gay culture and how to better accept their authentic selves. It is a digital and print magazine concept that was designed as an assignment for my studio class at Cornish College of the Arts during my second semester of junior year.




Art Direction









Adobe XD

Canon 5D Mark IV

A New

Type of

Gay Guide.

Coming out as gay can be a very scary and life altering point in a person's
life, and once it's been done, moving on from that point can be even more difficult. The Gay world is an old one and there are a lot of cultural nuances and history that can be very overwhelming to a person that is just discovering it. EaseOut aims to guide these individuals through this transition process as they discover more about themselves and the world that they are now a part of.

Designing a Better

Introduction to the

the Gay World.

During competitive research, I discovered that many "gay" magazines currently on the market focus more on pop-culture, sex tips, and attractive men. There were only a couple of publications that actually made it a point to focus on creating conversations regarding gay culture, however these magazines were highly specialized and not widely available. EaseOut was created to better fill this market gap.





EaseOut aspires to be the Cosmopolitan for gays without all of the trashy content and imagery. The design is bold, yet neutral—there are no flowery motifs or oversexualized imagery. The magazine wishes to encourage pride for gay culture and to address topics that are a genuine concern for those that are just coming to terms with their authentic selves and desiring to learn more about the gay world. 


Current Topics.


Content is king. EaseOut includes articles on better accepting yourself, exploring gay culture (such as tips on how to best enjoy gay clubbing), spotlights on gay individuals and their coming out experiences, addressing gay issues and existential questions, highlighting relevant gay historical events, inspiring quote pages that can be torn out and used as posters and featuring gay communities that exist within the United states.

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Going from

Print to Cyberspace.

The challenge of taking EaseOut from print to digital was how to design an interface that reflected the random ease aesthetic that was established in print, while maintaining enough structure to be mobile and user friendly.
The end product utilizes a card based system—which makes it easy to adapt to mobile screens—and still give it enough flexibility for a unique look that pays homage to the print's design aesthetic. 


A card style UI

Article Expansion.





For EaseOut, I really wanted to go outside of my modernist comfort zone and attempt to do something that was a little more on the postmodern side of design—which was perfect for a project aiming to promote experimentation, love, and discovering yourself. The limited color is reminiscent of classic 3-D cinema, which help to give a bold impression on the viewer, while not distracting from the content.



Color Palette.

EaseOut Logo.


DISPLAY FONT — Geomanist

Follow Your Vision, Even

If You Are Hesitant.


0123456789 —&#?!"*


PRIMARY FONT — FreightMacro Pro


EaseOut Swag.


The Project's

Conclusion and Personal Thoughts.

This project has been quite the journey for me personally and as a designer. The process of researching (I watched a whole season of RuPaul's Drag Race for this) and getting to know more about gay culture and having the opportunity to interview two fellow gay men about their experiences was incredible and inspiring. I am very proud of this project and of myself for having the courage to not take the easy route for this assignment and deciding to create something so personal.