Mímir AI

Type: Senior BFA Thesis

Role: Student.

Timeline: 1 year 

We all know that painful transition of becoming an adult and no longer being able to rely on mom to do the laundry, make the meals, or do the taxes. This period poses a lot of growing pains for us as we attempt to navigate a world without any sort of instruction manual or assistance.

For my BFA thesis, I looked at how an AI might address and alleviate this transition. The project focused on ways to create an AI that's able to build loyalty and trust through it's graphical and voice interfaces. The outcome was to create an AI experience that users would go to first for life advice and have interactions that felt personal and alive.







Marketing Strategy


Art Direction

Event Planning

Gallery Exhibition






Adobe After Effects

Cinema 4D


Mímir AI

An overview film of Mímir—a personal AI assistant that helps Millennials and Generation Z adult better.

Directed/Animated by Jaden Nethercott

Music: Xavier D. Lecouturier 

Voice Talent: Nicholas Vogl, Elena Joyner

A Year of Research, 
Exploration, & Design

Over the course of a year, seniors were asked to brainstorm, research, schedule,design, and exhibit a project of their choosing. After spending my first summer in Seattle, WA—without going home to the parents, as well as the daunting concept of graduating—adulting was a major topic on my mind. In combination with my internship with Alexa Shopping, I knew the potential for AI was limitless and the possibility of it being a solution for helping young adults get their shit together was more than realistic. So, Mímir was born.

A Lite Read

Get a quick look into the broad strokes of Mímir. See how it looks, functions, and could assist you with all your adulting needs.

A Deep Dive

This is the nitty gritty. Inspect my thinking, research, design evolutions, and the blood, sweat and tears that went into the creation of Mímir.


the Youth

Representing millennials and Gen Z properly and thoroughly was a key aspect to the success of my project. For this particular generation, I wanted to capture our humorous incapability of doing simple things like laundry, but also our emotional intelligence and strength. Color pop, attitude, irony, polish and imperfection were the themes I felt were most applicable. 

Photoshoot Reel

A full day of shooting with six models, 3 backgrounds, makeup artists, multiple 
clothing changes, and over 1,000 pictures taken, all to visualize the ugly struggle
 of adulting. 

Directed/Photographed by Jaden Nethercott

Music: Missy Elliot, "Get Ur Freak On"

Makeup: Vivian Hyon

Models: Nikki Shaidt, Seattle Sims,
Jasmine Waters, Blake Simpson


A Bold


The exhibition was the final piece of our projects and definitely the most 
challenging. I had to take a year's worth of work, make it comprehensible and fitin a limited space. To do this and to help my exhibit stand out, I went for a full 
vinyl wall using the brand rich photography, designed infographics, process tiles, and a short video reel to help explain the project at a glance. For a deeper dive I had a project overview booklet, an iPad with an animated use case, and my process book. Lastly, for takeaways I had a basket full of Mímir postcards and stickers.


The Project's

Conclusion and Personal Thoughts.

The BFA was long and grueling, but I'm grateful for the opportunity I had to really delve into artificial intelligence and the design challenges surrounding it. AI is such an amazing technology with so much potential. I look forward to working with it during my career and hopefully solving some major design problems along the way.