yaWento—the Travel App to Beat all Travel Apps

Type: UI/UX + Branding

Role: Student/Art Director—Cornish College of the Arts.

Timeline: 5 Weeks

The start-up company, yaWento, approached Cornish College of the Arts and asked a group of eleven students to help in designing the visual look and user-flow for their up and coming travel app. Adhering to a five-week design schedule, we managed to research competitors, create personas, develop user-flow, design branding elements,
and prototype.


After initiating the visual direction, I was chosen to art direct the project, render prototype elements, review/assemble the final deliverables, design advertisements and to present to our client. I also assisted with competitive research, persona development, delegating, and prototyping the Login+Main Pages Prototype.




Art Direction








Adobe XD





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But First: 




During the first two weeks of our mad race to design and prototype yaWento's travel application, we began one of the most key elements of design—research. Taking two companies each, we did competitor analysis on a wide range of travel app companies including: Yelp, Airbnb, Gogobot, Trover, Journi, and Google Trips.  


We then moved on to persona development, narrowing down five categories to research: YOLO Adventurers, Day Trippers + Weekenders, Wedding Planners, Modern Family Travelers, and Culture Seekers.




From the beginning, we knew we wanted to create a unique app that would stand out from the competition and be inviting to users. To do this we analyzed the UI of popular apps, such as Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook to help design a distinct brand and a new type of user-flow never before seen in a social platform.

A Distinct Look Not Quite Like Any Other.

We worked hard to develop an aesthetic for yaWento that was both familiar, yet obviously unique for the social platform. We achieved this through a deviant color palette, minimalist icons, and a unique persistent navigation.

My Role: Visual/Art Direction

A New Way
to Navigate.

The persistent navigation for yaWento is a radial menu where users can simply press the "Globe" button to navigate to any of the main pages (Post, Newsfeed, MyTrips, Notifications, and Profile).

My Role: Assisted in persistent navigation development and rendered the UI in Adobe Illustrator and Adobe XD






Rounded Corner Cards and a Sea Ice Gradient.

The building block of yaWento UI is what we call a "Rounded Card." Using these cards to help separate posts allow for the complexities of the social platform to be simplified and the rounded edges help differentiate the aesthetic. The Sea Ice gradient also helps in establishing a unique brand for yaWento among other social platforms.

My Role: Art Direction, Branding, and Rendering


PRIMARY FONT — Brother 1816

The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over The Lazy Dog.

yaWento wants to be the go-to app for travelers that allows them to blog, discover, research, share, interact, and plan travel experiences.





Prototyping in Adobe XD

MyTrips + Curation Prototype.

Discovery Mode Prototype.

Login + Main Pages Prototype.

This prototype contains the bulk of the application including Login, Newsfeed Post, Profile, and Search. 

This prototype contains the MyTrips page and Curation Pages (Travel Video, Postcards, Photo Collage, and Travel Video).

This prototype contains the discovery mode that helps users find new places in their vicinity. 


Full User-Path

Presentation Booklet


The Project's

Conclusion and Personal Thoughts.

This project was quite the undertaking for our five week module, but I'm so glad that I had the opportunity to art direct the project and assist in the assembling of the final deliverables. Working in a group can be a challenge, but the ability to collaborate and to create something totally different is worth the initial struggle. This project proved to me that despite the demanding design schedule, when you work hard and collaborate effectively, it will most certainly show in the end product.

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